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Les céramides, vos amis pour la vie !

Ceramides, your friends for life!

Who are they ?

A fatty body!

Ceramides are naturally present in all layers of the skin, and in particular in one that interests us here: the stratum corneum or stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis. Ceramides represent approximately 50% by mass of the composition of this layer.

While other lipids in the stratum corneum come from sebum produced by the sebaceous gland, ceramides are synthesized by a certain type of skin cell, keratinocytes, in the stratum granulosum (under the stratum corneum).

Ceramides ensure the integrity of the epidermis through cohesion between the cells of the stratum corneum and the formation of a protective barrier.

What are they for ?

Anti-acne action: several studies have shown that the lower the level of ceramides, the higher the proportion of sebum and comedones. A link which is also based on the fact that acne-prone skin is more sensitive to dehydration and requires a balanced lipid intake.

Strong moisturizing power: if you have dry, tight skin, suffer from eczema or irritation, ceramides are definitely your allies. In fact, they have the ability to create a protective film on the surface of the skin, thus blocking attacks and preventing the evaporation of water and therefore dehydration.

Anti-aging properties: a valuable component of anti-aging care, thanks to its active and preventive action, it boosts cells, helps tissues to restore and thus fights against skin aging.

Proof of their effectiveness? Immediately after application, the skin is more supple, softer and more radiant.

In the long term, the skin's natural barrier will be strengthened, and will be less prone to itching and irritation.

How to take care of it ?

Although naturally present in the body, with time and damage linked to the sun or pollution, the percentage of ceramides decreases drastically.

On a daily basis, from the age of 25-30, giving the skin the ceramides that it produces in smaller quantities, considerably improves its structure and strengthens its ability to defend itself against damage, aggression and prevents insensible loss of water. And this goes for all skin types!

At Hodygé, we have 2 advantages to strengthen your skin with ceramides:

  1. Ceramides of plant origin, present in our organic jojoba oil serum

  2. Alkaline ionized water, which reactivates the synthesis of ceramides in keratinocytes. Water that we are the only ones to use in cosmetics

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