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How can we create new, redesigned cosmetics that put skin care and well-being at the center? This is the question we had in mind in the summer of 2019, while we were working on the creation of Hodygé. But its true origin goes back further.


A family story

It all started in 2014, I discovered alkaline ionized water at pH12. My father praises its virtues and benefits to me: it facilitates the process of cellular regeneration and its safety surprises specialists, that is to say that it is not harmful to the skin, and what's more, it has no side effects. It is made up of 99.7% water and 0.3% mineral salts, or about 10 times more mineral salts than average mineral water, he explains to me. I was 21 at the time, with no scientific training, I believe, but I still had a semblance of a skeptical ulterior motive.

For her part, my mother loves sport, she does triathlon. She is an Embruman “finisher”, Ironman of Nice and Ironman of Vichy (just that). During one of her mountain bike training sessions, she is overtaken by a driver who suddenly pulls over and falls. She cannot avoid it and impales herself in the back of the car, makes a sun over it and ends up in the ditch after having scraped the ground for around ten meters. As a result, the skin was completely stripped at the level of the left shoulder blade, the left side of the face was burned by friction with the ground, the brow bone opened, but fortunately no major damage to report. After a trip to the emergency room, my father applied alkaline ionized water to him. The result is simply exceptional: while she had a 10 centimeter square of skin missing, her healing amazed all her doctors. Today, the scar is clear, beautiful and much smaller than the wound! From there, I am no longer at all skeptical about the regenerative capacities of this water.

Okay it works, but how?

It's another story, which I invite you to discover here (I promise, although the explanations are scientific, they are simple and accessible to everyone). Since this incident, I set out to understand how this water works and to see how to make it benefit as many people as possible. In 2018, I concluded that its use in cosmetics is not only possible, but that it would open the way to a small revolution in this market.

After a long year of product feasibility studies, I resigned in May 2020, during the first confinement, to dedicate 100% of my time to what would later become Hodygé, an ideal where alkaline ionized water is used to take care of you and bring well-being to your body, whatever the form of water. It starts in September 2021 with the launch of In Viv'Eau , the ionized alkaline beauty routine, 100% natural and minimalist.

A little history

Hygea, or Hygeia, is in Greek mythology, the daughter of Asclepius, the God of medicine and of Epione, the Goddess of doctors, healing and the alleviation of pain: Epione is "the one who relieves evils.”

Among the Greeks, Hygeia is the Goddess of health and cleanliness. Among the Romans, the Goddess of personal health. Its name gave rise to the word “hygiene”.

It represents preserved health and also symbolizes preventive medicine: it recommends a real lifestyle to lead a life in full health!