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Why is the alkaline water in our cosmetic products so special and unique?

The particularity of our products comes from the use of this alkaline ionized water, which gives our cosmetic products antioxidant and soothing benefits, while protecting and strengthening the skin barrier. You probably didn't ask for it, but the change is there, it's up to you to embrace it.

Our alkaline ionized water is 100% natural (within the meaning of European regulation EN 16128) and 100% biocompatible.

Our cosmetic formulas and products are free of preservatives, endocrine disruptors and toxic or controversial chemicals.

Our results on the skin are optimal when 3 applications of alkaline ionized water have been carried out (clean, soothe, protect).

Our mode of action is based on ionic interactions, notably ionic exfoliation (or ionic repulsion).

Our alkaline ionized water has a pH12, our cosmetic products a pH11.5 but a low basicity and therefore does not attack your skin.

For further

What is the one thing that we humans all want and are willing to spend lavishly on? Our health.

What is the largest organ in the human body? The skin. Yes, it's not just an envelope. Due to its complex composition, it interacts with its environment and performs vital functions.

And you, do you take care of your skin? We offer you the opportunity to take care of it using an unsuspected technological advance: water! But be careful, not just any water: active water with a pH12.

Alkaline ionized water for cosmetics

Hodygé's alkaline ionized water has been ultra-filtered, then remineralized using 7 essential natural mineral salts (Na, Si, K, P, Mg, Ca, Cl) and finally passed through with an electric current. This last operation is called electrolysis, and is fundamental because it allows a molecular restructuring of the negative ionic charges and thus gives it its pH12. It is this water that will be used in our cosmetic formulations, to provide something extra compared to traditional cosmetics.

Amazing properties

Apart from its mode of action and its benefits which we will develop in future paragraphs, it is essential to specify 3 precious aspects of our water: Apart from its mode of action and its benefits which we will develop in future paragraphs, it is essential to specify 3 precious aspects of our water:

01. Having a pH of 12, our water is sufficient in itself to preserve itself. In our cosmetic formulations, we do not use additional preservatives.

02. Even though the pH is 12, Hodygé alkaline ionized water is 100% biocompatible (non-alteration of the hydrolipidic film) and respects the naturalness criterion (EN 16128).

03. To maintain the benefits of alkaline ionized water, it is essential for our cosmetic products to maintain a high pH. To do this, we only use a few ingredients, previously selected for their qualities.

What is its mode of action?

The contact of our cosmetics on your skin will allow interactions between it and the product. The negative ions will reorganize the electrical charges on the surface: the skin becomes polarized and prevents the future deposition of foreign particles. But the action of alkaline ionized water is not limited to that!

A new exfoliation: ionic

You may not know it, but your skin is a dump. Not very glamorous, right? And yet, it is the case: the skin is an emunctory organ, that is to say an organ intended for the elimination of waste from the body. Through sweat and pores, your skin eliminates toxins, bacteria, parasites, dead skin cells, fungi, heavy metals, etc. Once eliminated, these wastes, organic acids, do not fall to the ground, they remain on your skin.

Negative ionic charges come into contact with particles, molecules, microorganisms, etc. encapsulate the latter by repulsion effect of identical polarity. In our case, the cosmetic beauty routine is the first phase known as cleaning and purifying the skin.

A necessary reassurance, because we live in crazy times!

Let's return for a moment to these small negative ionic charges. What must be understood is that during the repulsion process, the pH of cosmetic products is quickly neutralized on contact with the organic acids of the skin or mucous membranes, to adapt to the natural pH of the latter.

The water molecules found in our cosmetic formulations have a lower surface tension than the water molecules found in your skin. This will allow our products to penetrate quickly and deeply through skin tissues, for optimal effect. Indeed, even though we are made up of 66% water, this is an estimate by mass. From a molecular point of view, we are made up of almost 99% water molecules. Interactions are therefore facilitated.