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Safe. Clean. Beauty.

The alkaline miracle for your skin and health

With the In Viv’Eau range by Hodygé

Almost all classic dermo-cosmetic and health products are very closely linked to the chemical industry, whose components are often controversial, even toxic, with undesirable effects.

At Hodygé , we favor clean, efficient and innovative technology, promoting interactions and exchanges at the cellular level.

In Viv'Eau is a line of innovative products for skin care and health based on alkaline ionized water technology. A true alkaline miracle. A high-performance technology that is in perfect agreement with the values ​​of our ecosystem and our environment.

Water and ions are by far the most present molecules in our body since they alone represent nearly 98% of the total number of molecules in the human body. They are the key elements of cellular life and metabolism.

Alkaline ionized water technology surprises many health specialists with its effectiveness , safety and unique mode of action . She is the subject of numerous international prizes and awards.

Unique and patented technology

Resulting from patented Japanese medical technology and officially recognized for its beneficial properties for health in Japan and Korea, ionized water with its negatively charged ions is the subject of numerous scientific publications on its effectiveness in a hospital environment and its benefits have been recognized there for many years.

Guaranteed effectiveness

Our alkaline ionized water is very effective and pure. The clinical evaluation tests carried out by world-renowned scientific laboratories speak for themselves. Demonstrated objective effectiveness.

The advantages of a unique and innovative technology:

100% natural (ISO 16128)

Ecocert / Cosmos approved – Non-organic raw material

Absolutely no preservatives, no toxic or controversial chemicals. Without perfume.

Self-preserved thanks to its ionic charge.

Essential minerals and negative ions

Coming from the purest mountain waters, the water is ultra-filtered , then remineralized and restructured through an electrolytic process generating new molecular structures combining in particular OH- with silicon and phosphorus.

Dermo-cosmetic based on ionized alkaline water

ACTIVE water that you don't even imagine:

“I am committed to promoting health and well-being, using natural and non-invasive methods to stimulate the body's self-healing mechanisms.”

– Amaury Courlet

Interested in the action of alkaline ionized water, you can contact me directly by filling out the form below, or by sending me an email to my address: amaury.courlet@hodyge.com

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